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Today because I had a lottery ticket I fantasized about the life of being independently wealthy. It was not anything extraordinary. Most of it was a lifestyle that I lead already: walking, hiking, drawing, running. The only thing that would have changed is my living accommodations. I would either move to English or Irish moors by the ocean or stay here in Hillsboro which was a surprising thought. Never knew I liked the area where I live right now especially that I picked it by accident without knowing where I was moving to. It is home. I have everything I need here: trails nearby my house, endless green sidewalks to run on, all stores close by but far enough that it does not feel you are living at the mall, many parks, close enough to Portland, the ocean, and Mt. Hood, and 5 minutes away from the place where I work. I never thought that I would not like to move to Portland proper. I spent 4 years really wanting to but now I consider myself lucky about my situation. Many people would kill for it.

Maybe I don’t need a lottery ticket. Maybe I should be grateful for what I have. After all, I have absolutely nothing to complain about. I can even finally start saving money seeing how I paid off all my debt. Yes, debt-free! Finally! Funny thing though, once you pay off what you owe your credit score automatically goes down. I guess they really want you to stay in debt forever.

Today was a rainy day. I love days like that where the rain just sprinkles and it is cozy to stay at home after a long walk with the beast. The only downside that I hate running in the rain however light it is. But today was not my running day. I run every other day. Tomorrow the rain stops. Little luck there (again).

I am still on vacation and have two more days off. That’s the only thing that would change if I win a lottery. No more dreaded work. Although once again, I have a job. Many lost it during COVID.

So I guess luck is on my side. A good life is on my side. The beastie is by my side. Eventually, I would be able to travel. I have a future to look forward to.

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