Today I went to COSTCO and got some new pillows. I splurged as they were not cheap like IKEA’s. As soon as I got home the first thing I did is to test them and lo and behold, almost fell asleep immediately. I guess it is a sure sign that it is paying off. Next paycheck I am splurging on a new set of sheets! The other thing I did is purchase some nice wine. I did it because I am celebrating the fact that I am out of debt and that I am a middle-class adult who at times needs to drink good wine instead of $5.99 vino from Trader Joes. Of course, I will continue to do that as I am trying to save money for either a house or travel.

I am not sure of today’s post as everything seems mundane today and the same all as any day except for the fact that I have to go back to work tomorrow. I woke up this morning with an anxiety attack. No, I don’t want to go back to work. It’s not that I hate it. It’s a nice job. I love all faculty I work with and I am at the campus where they appreciate me. But I really dislike my boss and my co-worker. I truly do. They are two peas in the pod and I truly do not fit in. They are academics stuck in the 90s and I am techy. I would do anything not to see them or collaborate with them often. The only reason I am still there is because of health insurance. Lame I know. Even lamer because I have a job and a good job at that. But enough about griping about the job. Everybody does at some point or another.

On another note, since I need carbs and did not get any bread at COSTCO I am now forced to make my own bread. Finally, I have no excuse! I got lazy and forgot how good it feels to kneed. Working with your hands attached to the smell of yeast is wonderful. Seeing bread rise is a miracle. I often wonder, who came up with bread? How was it discovered that if you bring wheat and put some water in it and surround it by fire it will give back a wonderful nourishing substance? According to Wikipedia, backing bread actually lead to “the formation of towns, as opposed to the nomadic lifestyle, and gave rise to more and more sophisticated forms of societal organization.” Just how amazing is that? The bread gave birth to civilization! I am in awe. Here is a link to the full article: Although it does not go into the actual discovery of bread the history of it is still fascinating.

Today I also read an article from Atlantic which dealt with the migration of people from the West Coast to other regions as the West Coast seems to be at the forefront of climate change ( This summer was outrageous and even at the end of September the heat still continues. This is not to mention the fires that scorched 5 million acres of forest (California and Oregon combined). It’s interesting because both states are coastal states and you’d think that the ocean would bring respite from the heat. Should I contemplate a move back to Alaska? I know I will be self-sufficient there. I know it will be cooler. I know there will be snow. When I was living in NYC I longed for it and even came back for Thanksgiving even though I was dirt poor. The very first thing I did was I stood outside in -20F weather and stack my tongue out to catch the snowflakes. I must have stood there for a long time as my friends I was staying with finally came outside wondering what it is I am doing there. I was and I still am in love with snow. I don’t think it will ever go away.

Well, I am way over the 20 lines for the day so I am going to conclude this post on a positive note. In spite of all of my gripes life really is good. All I need is to stay still for a moment and appreciate it.


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