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Taking on more duties at work. It kind of sucks as I am used to my regular workflow. It’s ok though. Take one for the team I guess. Not that it will be rewarded or appreciated in any way. Such is life. I’ll just continue looking for another job. There is one that I am going to apply to this weekend. Maybe something will pan out.

The weather is nice — not too cold, not too hot. No more coats and hats. It’s April after all. The doggo is hot on the walks. This takes me to the summer temperatures of 95F. What is he going to do then? I think this Summer is going to be a scorcher. I can take my close off but poor doggo is stuck with his furry coat. I feel for him and feel horrible because I cannot do anything to alleviate this problem. No air conditioning in my house.

There are no upsides to anything today. Depression set in and there is nothing I can do to change its course. I just have to let it pass on its own. I was day-drinking and cooking this afternoon and this did the trick temporarily. But I will take anything I can get to get out of my head.

The only bright side right now is that I perfected my borsch. Don’t want to brag too much but is so so good. Next time I meet with friends I am definitely bringing it. Would be great to get reassurance in this respect.

The next step would be to bake bread. I have my eyes set on a sourdough recipe from Breadtopia. It’s a great site that not only leads you beautifully through all the recipes but also has great baking products as well such as a ceramic dutch oven that I can definitely use for better results.

So, here is to tomorrow. Maybe things will get brighter. Hope is essential.


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