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Trying to figure out my Vaccine from COVID status. I think I am 1B group 7 — educator. That would be grand and should be open in a couple of weeks. This is especially good news because my bestie’s parents are coming from Kazakhstan. They are our Universal parents. Certainly mine. I don’t have parents anymore. My mom passed a couple of years ago and it has been 25 years since I lost my dad. I love them dearly and always excited when they come. They come for 6 months. These 6 months are filled with amazing food from the mother and hugs and great stories from the father.

And now a little rant about imperfections in life. My life seems to be full of them. My car is dented in various places and everything new that I get is always screwed in some way. Take windshield wipers for example. I just installed new ones and they leave a moist streak right in the middle that blocks my vision. Take pants for example. Just ordered some and they are too long. I had to cut them. Take fruit for example. I always end up with the bruised ones no matter how hard I look at the time of purchase. Take Google maps for example. The google lady always sends me a wrong way at best and against the one-way streets at the worst. Anything I make as far as art is concerned is also imperfect. There are no straight lines or perfect circles. This part I like though as it creates a feeling that it is all drawn by hand and not a compass. I think it’s enough examples. There are many more. I dealt with imperfections my whole life and now know how to live with them. Maybe it is Universe sending me a reminder that nothing is perfect or maybe it is just wabi-sabi. Either way, it works for me. I am used to it to the point that I like them and learned how to accept them for what they are. I don’t miss perfection. It is not me anymore.



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