Holly hotness! It seems to me that Oregonians (and I am one of them) constantly complain about the weather no matter what conditions — rain or shine. I do have to disclaim that 100F is bloody hot no matter where you are. And weeks of 95F are dreadful also no matter where you are. I am ready for this summer to be over because it is so bloody hot. I am a northern body. Anything above 74F is too hot for me. I could stomach an 80F but that’s about as high as my threshold goes. Yes, I know, this is a complaining post and maybe I should move back to Alaska if I am not happy with the weather here. Sometimes you have to vent though. Another downside is that it is too hot to drink red wine. I know this is laughable, but I love my red vino and don’t anticipate divorcing it any time soon. Ice cubes it is.

My biggest worry is for my dog who is used to 2-hour walks and running on open fields to hunt mice. He is suffering and you can see it on his sweet face after half an hour in this heat. I feel for him. It sucks. Off we go quickly home to get cooled off by the air conditioner.

Blackberries are already ripe due to the scorching sun. That’s a plus. They are about 2 to 3 weeks early but I don’t mind as it is my breakfast. As I walk Opee in the mornings I gather ripe berries to complement my coffee.

After my vacation work sucks. I want to retire. Some people do not see their life without work. I am not one of them. I have so much to do that I am never bored or sit still except for an occasional afternoon nap which I love. Why is it that enjoying life is postponed until you retire and don’t really give a damn anymore. While leading my working life I live for the weekends but two days is not really enough. By Sunday you are only warming up to all after work awesome activities like hiking and making art. And Monday you are back to grinding. More complains I know.

I am reading a lot. The last book that I have read is “Her Body and Other Parties.” I cannot recommend it high enough. It’s a conglomerate of short stories by Carmen Maria Machado. Nothing like I have read before. It is a dark, twisted morph of sci-fi and magical realism which is poignant and sincere. Now I am reading “The Obelisk Gate” by N. K. Jemisin. It’s a most wonderful sci-fi/fantasy of a page-turner. Does not require a lot of thinking just your fingers turning the pages. Engaging, great storyline and interesting characters. You want to follow their adventures. Sci-fi fans and others will enjoy it.

Read on, people! That’s my thoughts for today.


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