after the rain picture

Wanted to post something because it is 20/20.

My dog nowadays won’t go outside until I give him a full body massage. I don’t know where it came from. Maybe he had a conversation with one of the dogs he played with on a grassy field and here it is. I am being held hostage because it is not like I can refuse to take him outside. Little smart asshole. As much as I take pride in my dog’s wits it is pretty annoying when they are directed at me.

Today is a rainy and super grey day. One does not want to do much on such days except read a book under cozy covers and drink tea (or wine as in my case). Alas, it is not a chance for me. As soon as I sit down to read my beast is right there pawing at me for attention. In fact, he is doing it right now as I type.

I guess I should include something that is not about my dog in this post. I quit smoking and vaping. I’m am still in a stage of irritability and cannot wait till it passes as I grimace every time I pass someone too close on trails. The Russian disdain is in full blast. I also glare at the bicyclists. I hate them. A) they are mean, B) they are on my way constantly. They so deserve my contempt.

I started a new art piece. It is an attempt at monochromatic. I have never done monochromatic and this is a venture that breaks my creative brain a little bit as you have to decide how to emphasize important areas of the drawing. In this case, I am heavily relying on black outlines. Hopefully, I get good feedback from friends on this endeavor. It is a slow go as I have to wait for each layer to dry completely so that the paper does not warp. I am a bit pissed off at Dick Blick because it is a watercolor paper and is meant to hold water without warping. However, not the case here. I am reluctant to order a weight of 300 as it is skylight expensive and I am not sure it is worth it for an artwork that lives under my couch.

I am not sure how to end this post. I guess I can say that my Christmas vacation started and I am looking forward to two weeks of just paying attention to myself and hiking and running and walking, doing more art, the ocean trip, and reading for pleasure. Those are the things I care about and those are the things that give me pleasure and give my life meaning. I have read somewhere that people who don’t have kids have a harder time finding meaning in life. Maybe so but not in my case. I love the life that I built for myself. Alone but never lonely.


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