It is Mid-December. The holiday break is coming up next Monday and I am looking forward to two weeks of not checking my email. The computer will be shut and not accessed except for checking on Etsy and to write on this blog. It has been a tough semester full of working on weekends a substantial amount of time. Additionally, I am all Zoomed-out. It takes a toll on you this digital communication with the screen between human beings.

I started this morning with urban hiking on my favorite trail. Opee and I did 6.5 miles. I love starting a day either running or hiking. It brightens my mood for the day considerably and makes everything bearable. Except for a slow internet connection. The company I have started with which was great but got bought out by another one and now they reduced the speed considerably to the point that it is painful to stream Amazon as it gets stuck and freezes for rendering every other minute. I actually wrote a letter to their CEO about it threatening to leave and let everyone know just how shitty their company is. Of course, I did not get any response. Figures and truly I did not expect any. So I am stuck with Netflix which for some reason streams well without any interruptions. No variety in my life I guess.

Other than that it is business as usual. Sometimes it is hard for me to write on this blog as there is very little that changes in my life except for the books I read. Finish one — start another. Currently, I am reading “The Hydrogen Sonata“. It is the sci-fi and is a welcome break from the “smart” books not that HS is not a smart book. It is smart in other ways. It takes an incredible amount of brain stamina to come up with vivid imaginary worlds and techno-utopia. I have the utmost respect for sci-fi writers. In many ways I think whatever they think-up is what drives techno progress in real life. Take William Gibson who coined the phrase “cyberspace” for example. He was writing about virtual reality way before it was actually taking place in real life. One cannot dispute his influence.

Books extravaganza aside, I am on the way to get a little tree for my house to feel like Christmas is here. In the time of COVID, little celebrations are a must. And that’s what I am going to do.




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