Mellow day today. I don’t have many of those and generally move a lot through different tasks during the day. But it is Sunday which is a day of rest. So be it.

I am reading “Killing Commendatore” by Haruki Murakami — one of my favorite writers of all time. So far it is mysterious and interesting as he writes about an artist at the crossroads of his career. The inspiration for this change was a painting by a very known artist who has stored the mysterious painting wrapped in the attic which was discovered by chance. It is the book to be savored as every sentence is delicious — typical Haruki. I want to swallow it whole and will be reluctant to give it away as I do with many of my books.

Yesterday was great! I drunk wine, made food, and listened to jazz. I used to be into electronic music. Even DJed in my previous life. I still listen to it occasionally. Mostly to “Autechre.” That duo is brilliant and actually, I think, relates to jazz by its unpredictability and hidden order behind chaotic notes. They are my favorite IDM as of late. They also remind me of all the friends I met during my electronic music stage who are still friends and I love them dearly even though I don’t see them as everyone has dispersed to different parts of the US. They are still in my heart though.

As I sit here and write my dog just woke up from his nap and is sitting by my side gently nudging me with his nose. That means he wants to go for a walk again. He has been spoiled with 2 hours of walk in the morning, hunting trips, and playing with other doggos in a dog park. He has come a long way. This is the dog that used to go for a kill at every dog we pass. Now he became a well-adjusted puppy who enjoys being chased by other dogs and greets every passer-by. I am a very proud doggy-mom. I won’t lie, it took a lot of work and the transformation did not really happen until he started trusting me and figured out that nothing bad will happen to him if I am around. That’s why I adopt rescues. It warms your heart when they come out of their shell.

I don’t know how to finish this post as it seems I can continue my train of thought forever and I already exceeded my twenty lines. So I am going to finish it with the nod to mellow days and awesome companions that are our beloved dogs (or cats for that matter). Kiss and hug your pet as much as you can and they will return total trust in you in return.



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