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Filed my taxes and was completely disheartened at the amount I ended up owing… The only good thing is that I actually had extra money to pay for it. Of course, I drank wine after receiving that news. How could you not? It was truly “drowning my sorrows.”

Got a second dose of the vaccine. I used Moderna. I anticipated bad side effects but there were none so I am happy with that! I am going to my bestie’s house on Sunday and cannot wait to hug everyone! Or walk without a mask for that matter. It is getting too hot here in Oregon now. This Summer definitely is going to be a scorcher. I don’t have an air conditioner which is fine for me because I can walk around the house naked but I am seriously worried for my doggo who cannot take his furry coat off. He came to me from Texas and you would think the Texan would bear the heat with no problem. Not my doggo. Judging by the previous 90+F Summer of the previous year he would be more than just miserable. I feel for him.

Put my art on hold. I think I overdid it producing a drawing a day. Just feel burned out and like all of my art ideas are too stale. Not sure what to do about that. Maybe it will pass on its own or maybe I just have to force myself to confront a white piece of paper again and see where it takes me.

Work is slow right now. Most of the University is on Summer break. I hate slow days as they drain all motivation out of me. Working from home makes it more bearable and I do have a Virtual Reality project in the oven. I should be more excited about it. For some reason, I am not. Go figure. I think VR has a great potential for Education especially as an augmentation of a learning process. If you make it interactive it’s better as students will have to make decisions about their own process/progress. Unfortunately, it requires a certain degree of programming that I don’t have (yet). As it is, creating something static is just not exciting. So my first step would be to at least be familiar with the language. It’s a rot work to learn but necessary.

Well, that brings me to the end of the broadcast. I think I covered all the basics: disappointment, rejoicing, griping. How often do you put all three together?



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