Wednesday the hump day. Not my favorite. Thursday is. The weekend is closer and Fridays are always easy.

This week is the last week of freedom for me. My last semester in Graduate school starts next Thursday. I already cannot wait for it to be over. Have to get through comprehensive exams though. I am very nervous as I am a very slow writer and a week for 10-page numerous questions I am afraid would not be enough. I am taking 2 classes this semester and the fact that the class I am teaching got canceled maybe is a blessing in disguise.

But enough about being busy. Many people are busier than I. I don’t understand how they live. I need the downtime consistently along with the time to do what interests me beyond obligatory 8 to 5.

This upcoming weekend in Oregon suppose to be sunny and somewhat warm and I am already planning a trip to the coast. Not sure which trail I will visit — there are so many I hadn’t yet. Ecola State Park is nice and has an extension to a longer Indian Beach trail that goes very close to the edge of a cliff. Maybe it would be my choice. My beastie would be happy on any. Since it is Winter season I hope there would not be too many people. Indian Beach to Bald Mountain is another possibility. Five miles out-and-back trail supposedly goes through changing landscape which is great as the majority of hiking I have done up to this point was predominately in the woods mixed with conifers and deciduous trees with some old growth which I love as you really feel as a pipping Tom walking amongst something ancient that has been there for centuries.

Regardless of the hiking decisions, the weekend looks promising and sunny and that warms my soul.

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