Vacation continues. It is only a week-long but I will take that (see my previous post for the reasons). So far I have checked my work email every day but only to clean up spam and see what it will be once I return to work on Tuesday. It would be a busy day, for sure. But I like busy. Much better than twiddling your thumbs all day. I am OK with my work-life. I used to be much more into it and was an overachiever: working on weekends and even during vacations. Not anymore. I am disillusioned and really wish I would win a lottery or find a sugar daddy to get me out of working altogether.

Took my doggo on a 2.5-hour urban hike in the morning. Was great. We walked half of Hillsboro — the better half — along fancy neighborhoods. This is how I learned Hillsboro. I discovered so many cool restaurants where I would not mind eating. However, I will save the trips to them until one of my best friends gets here in January so that we can eat there together. Although there is a sushi and sake bar that I really want to visit myself. Get a book and sit there reading and sipping sake. It all comes from reading Murakami who was a bar owner and jazz enthusiast before he started writing. I want to feel that. Feel the hard work that chefs put into creating food, bar attendant who listens to your story and seeing food prepared for you if you sit at the bar. It is all magical to me. And of course, I am grateful for the nourishment.

Art-wise I am still starring at the white paper. It will come. I am staying positive. It might not take the form of what I was creating before but perhaps it is a time for a change. Reading Murakami’s “Killing Commendatore” helps as the protagonist there is an artist and is in the same situation as I. The artistic journey is outlined and it gives me hope.

Well, I am going to end my post here as there is no other news. Grammarly is telling me that there are 9 advanced issues in this post but I don’t care. It is what it is and after all, English is my second language.


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