forest park

Just started my mini-vacation. Just a week which is for the summer means mini. I still have 3.5 weeks to burn after that but because I am working around my co-workers’ schedule (no surprise there and I never receive a thank you for that) and the hiring committee I am on it would be difficult to take any time off this summer. So I’ll take whatever I can when I can.

Besides that, I am going on a camping trip to the Upper Salmon River. It is stunning and has many spots along the river. You do have to hike in to find them but I am not discouraged. I pack my backpack to the ultimate proficiency — only the necessary staff and dry food with a small stove so I am good. And because I am camping by myself I don’t have to feel ashamed for eating powdered chicken soup with Pilot Crackers after the hike.

I am very much looking towards just getting out of town, out of work, and forgetting my worries for three days. I am sure when I get back to town I will be inclined to check my email. Never fails as the computer is just right there and easy to open. As it is now, I quit my Outlook Email and only check Facebook occasionally. I am writing a short story — my first foray into serious fiction writing. I am sure it would be shit (after all, who writes the first story as a masterpiece?) But I am doing it anyway. If any of you are interested to read it after I am done (which I think will be a while) let me know and I will email it to you. There is no bad criticism for me so I would welcome any feedback.

Other than that I am looking towards spending some time among trees and getting some green therapy so I won’t be posting anything on Facebook for a while not that it matters (not meant to be a passive-aggressive comment, just a fact). So here is to green zen and for a wonderful week.

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