It’s Friday and even though I made a post yesterday I have an inclination to write again even though this day is no different than others. It is true, I have been living in a Groundhog Day for the past year with hardly any social contact except meeting with my friends once a month on average or on my walks. We sat outside 6 feet apart and had to raise our voices so that everyone can hear them. A couple of weeks ago after we all got the vaccine the first thing I did is hug the hell out of all of them when we met. That felt good. So good that I wanted to hug them again which I did upon the exit from the party where we finally got to meet inside, sat at a table, and did not have to scream to be heard.

The outside temperatures are dropping down and it is a welcome development as now I can run. I took a big break from running mostly because of my knee that I basted running too many miles. However, now that I have a muffin top it is time to pick it up again. Of course, the fact that I love pizza and have it for dinner almost every day does not help the matter.

I woke up today after seeing a dream full of my fears and decided it was time to change my life and get away from Groundhog Day’s existence, start a healthier life. I’ve been kind of thinking about this for few weeks but always put it off to next week. Next week would be different. The next week would mark the new beginning. It has always been next week. Well, now I just cannot wait till next week because next week never comes or becomes any different.

Four more lines to go to make it twenty but as I said I really have nothing to report beyond what I have reported already. I still go on walks with my doggo. I still compliment strangers on the cuteness of their dogs even the ugly ones. Yes, there is a thing such as ugly dogs. I expanded the compliments to babies. And yes, there is such a thing as ugly babies. I hope it brightness the strangers’ days. After all, a lot of people compliment my dog because he is unusual looking so this is a pay it forward thing.

Beyond that once again nothing is happening but I am in good spirits looking towards the day that I actually make changes to my life whenever it would come. I am sure it will. All it takes is a pair of running shoes and the determination of doing strength exercises because my back started hurting again. Not too much to ask of yourself. If only…




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