Beginning of June already… Where does the time go? It seems just yesterday I was planning projects for the Summer and now that Summer is officially here I find myself procrastinating and re-planning my life for a later date. Some of it is laziness and some of it is a fear of failing. Planning is very akin to New Year’s resolutions. They seldom actually achieved. Maybe I should re-plan my projects with shortened and simpler goals.

This Summer has started with temperatures over 90F for the late month of May and few beginning dates of June. Basically, for a week it was a scorcher that put a halt on running and made for shorter walks with the bestie. The bestie was resistant to a truncated amount of time but I had to save him from himself as many miles of walks lack access to water and I was afraid he will overheat. After all, he cannot take his coat off. I feel for him because even when we get back to the house we cannot escape the heat as I don’t have air conditioning. I on the other hand almost enjoyed strutting around the house in nothing but my undergarments. Of course, it could have gone the wrong way as there is always a fear that you might hate your scantily clad body. But instead, I decided to try and like it or at least attempted to like it. I am a few pounds heavier than I was pre-pandemic when I was running 10 miles every other day. I acquired a muffin top and breasts. I and my muffin top had to become friends. I am slowly growing to like my heavier body because before I was a twig and was often mistaken for a boy because of the lack of breasts and short hair. Still have short hair but now there are at least two bumps on my chest which identify me as a woman.

Other than that there is no other news. The art is still on halt although I have a couple of ideas in the working but still stare at the empty piece of paper trying to figure out how to express them. I should just make the first mark and see where it takes me only I cannot decide where to make the mark — in the middle or on the edge of the paper. So, that’s that.


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