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I miss hiking! It has been a long time since COVID hit the world and going on the hikes became difficult as on weekends everyone and their mother was on trails. It simply became so crowded that all enjoyment went out of it. Besides, not everyone was wearing a mask. Now that I am fully vaccinated I can start hitting the trails again which hopefully be followed by pictures on Instagram. I love sharing where I have been with my friends. Hopefully, they enjoy it.

After 86F yesterday today the day started with 55F and is not supposed to climb above 65F. Such a drastic change! Reminds me of Alaska where it happens all the time which is most welcome in winter when it happens to be -40F one day and -20F on another. It feels practically like Summer and you can see many walking without hats which mind you is crazy but Alaskans are a hardy lot. I used to be one of them. Now I wear a down coat at 55F.

“Back to work” Monday. I don’t mind Mondays except when something goes wrong and then it sets the mood for the entire working week. Nothing much went wrong today so I am happy (although the day is not over yet). My favorite day though is Thursday where the anticipation of the weekend starts. Friday usually flies by quickly. Now we are also having “Focus” Fridays where you are not supposed to schedule any meetings and can pretty much do what we want as long as we have our cell phones to occasionally check our email. Thank you, the Dean of the Libraries for this wonderful gift even if it supposed to last only a month.

Still reading “Killing Commendatore” by Haruki Murakami. Savoring it as it is very good and looking forward to the night time before bed so I can read it. The only problem with that is it is so engaging that I lose any sense of time and end up reading through the middle of the night. That makes mornings harder as I don’t get enough sleep. It is totally worth it though. I have three other books by him in my shopping cart on Amazon and I know they will be just as good. He is a fairly prolific writer and I’ve read a few of his books already so I know that he is steady in quality. These are the books that I keep and don’t pass along as I want to savor them through re-reading again and again. Sorry friends who like books!

So, all and all I cannot complain about today even though yesterday brought multiple hugs from people I love. Nothing can beat that! We were finally able to meet without masks and have physical contact as we are all vaccinated by this point. So, get your vaccine and hug people again. It’s the best medicine!


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