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It’s Wednesday. The hump day. I am starting to write more often which is good. I am not sure though if the quality of writing is suffering.

In the morning we went to a “hunting” field where I let Opee free and allow him to hunt the mice to his heart’s content. He catches them and eats them. I figure it’s an organic breakfast for him so I don’t do anything about it. Besides, there is just no way I would attempt to pull it out of his mouth — guts and all. Since he does not play with toys it is the only mental stimulation I can provide. He is always so happy on the field and we know most of the people who take their dogs there and always stop for a conversation. Occasionally Opee plays with their doggos and it warms my heart to see because just after I adopted him he was aggressive towards all the dogs that passed by. But then he started to trust me and figured out that nothing bad will happen to him when I am around. I am so proud of him — my finally well-integrated pup!

Today is errands and grocery shopping day. I try to go in the middle of the week as I think most of the people shop on weekend. However, today seems like everyone in Hillsboro got the same idea. The line at Trader Joe’s was pretty long. Nowadays, it’s unusual. I mostly shop at Trader’s and they know me well by now. Always ask what’s new and say hi when I pass by. Besides, the wine steward is my best friend there. He knows what I like and always recommends just on point. I have not been disappointed with his suggestions yet. That’s worth a lot in my book. I drink a lot of cheap but good wine but occasionally buy a bottle of much pricier wine especially if I go visit my friends. Wine is a lubricant of social interaction and a good conversation as everyone relaxes and is in a good mood. There are no arguments even if the opinions differ significantly.

Other than that, it is just Wednesday. The hump day. Midweek with mundane activities. Sometimes it’s all you need.


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