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Writing because I am procrastinating doing my strength exercises. They are tough but only take half an hour. The benefits are tremendous. I have a bad back and if I don’t do strength training it starts hurting. Besides, I gained a lot of weight so that adds to the situation. Can you imagine me with a double-chin? I can’t. That’s why I don’t look in the mirror anymore. However, I see myself on Zoom. That’s why I switch my Zoom video to a picture when I can. People find it rude but I don’t care. Deal with it. You still see my representation and I always raise my hand to speak. Feels like I am in school again.

Other than that it is Monday — the back to the workday. I don’t mind Mondays. I like the work except when it is slow. Then my motivation goes straight to the toilet and moves itself to the ocean (or a river). Just like a goldfish.

I have 10 more lines to write but I really don’t know what about. Every day for me is exactly the same. It is like I am stuck in Groundhog Day. The only excitement that was there is related to my dog. I usually get stopped by random people asking me what kind of breed Opee is. Today I got stopped by a stranger asking me where exactly I got him. My answer that he is a stray from Texas disappointed him as he thought he was a pure breed of some kind. I get that a lot. People think he is a pure breed of some kind because he is so unusual looking. Secretly I detest that. Why would you be only interested in pure breeds? Adopt a rescue. They need homes and a lot of them are on death row because there are just so many of them: abandoned, forgotten, discarded as if a trash bag. Why would people do such a thing to their best friend who loves them unconditionally no matter what? Of course, my posts always become in one way or another about my doggo. It seems to me that he is the center of my life. And he is in many ways. He is my family. That’s the only warm-blooded creature I have right now by my side always.

That aside, again, it’s Monday. The week started and I am sure will pass in the same manner as the previous week where in spite of liking my job and feeling lucky I have it I wish I was not working and won a lottery so I don’t have to work at all. I can hike, walk, run and read as much as I want and do art somewhere in the middle.

This post turned out to be a rumination instead of a random post. I am not sorry about that. Sometimes it is what it is.



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