I love my house! I moved here a couple of years ago from the apartment I lived in for 5 years. That apartment never felt like home and every year I was telling myself that it is time to move on. It was a beautiful apartment: a top-floor corner unit with tons of big windows. Anyone would be happy to…

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work in progress


Rainy day today but we got lucky and walked between the pours. This morning we went to Rock Creek Greenaway urban trail that goes along the preservation nature area which is green and full of ducks and otters to break the monotony of going to the same urban trails during the working week. Although we have 5 trails to alternate…

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Things that I value the most: Fruit in my kitchen basket Washing dishes by hand Walking my beastie in fine weather Running My beastie jumping in my bed in the morning to cuddle Morning coffee A glass of cold water on a hot day Reading before falling asleep No rain Watching real DVDs in the evening (old school) A glass…

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heather lake


Beginning of March already. Time flies like crazy. I don’t know where winter has gone. It’s like it never happened. Spring is definitely here in Oregon. The daffodils are blooming full blast. The rest of the vegetation is not far behind. Everything has buds on it and they are growing at high speed. I’ve been monitoring them during our daily…

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buddha picture


Monday is here and it is a Monday after my week-long time off. It was wonderful not to work for a week. Tomorrow I am buying a lottery ticket. Even though I started working again it is not busy. Granted I have plenty of projects besides tech and pedagogical support of the faculty but feeling way unmotivated especially that I…

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winter is coming


Snow day! Yey! It is so rare to have one here in Oregon. I am happy, the dog is happy. Happiness all around. Children are frolicking on the streets either being pulled on the sleds by their parents or sledding themselves from hills around the neighborhood. Many people are walking, including the beastie and me. Not whole a lot happened…

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There are only 3 days of 2020 left. Good riddance I say. However, despite being a horrific year for everyone I actually personally did not experience much hardship except for the fear of getting COVID. I am immunocompromised so that would be a piece of very bad news indeed. In many respects, COVID was made for me. I am a…

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after the rain picture


Wanted to post something because it is 20/20. My dog nowadays won’t go outside until I give him a full body massage. I don’t know where it came from. Maybe he had a conversation with one of the dogs he played with on a grassy field and here it is. I am being held hostage because it is not like…

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It is Mid-December. The holiday break is coming up next Monday and I am looking forward to two weeks of not checking my email. The computer will be shut and not accessed except for checking on Etsy and to write on this blog. It has been a tough semester full of working on weekends a substantial amount of time. Additionally,…

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geese flying


My sister got COVID. She is on the mend now. It is unbelievable because you never think it can happen to you or your family. Yet here it is, happening. She probably got it from her co-workers. No one wears masks there in the rural forgotten and forsaken little town in Belorussia located downstream from Chernobyl.  All of them probably…

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