The sun is shining and all is good again. I hate April (and Spring in general). As nature getting ready for a full bloom and everything is changing to green color and flowers are starting to open up your expectation is that your life will also change. Not a chance. Although there are small things that you can adjust to your routine, overall things just stay the same. I am ready for a big change. Have been for a while. Maybe move to a new apartment or a new job will satisfy this craving. But as it is right now I am sleepwalking through old habits and the same old routine. One thing that did change is that I quit drinking cheap wine. It is rather a step in my spending but it makes me feel good sipping the red goodness instead of gulping cheap wine without tasting it as it is foul. Once you taste the good, you can not go back to the disgusting. Applies to every area of life, I think.

It is also the time to come up with a hiking schedule. Still many places yet to visit, things to see. There are some old ones that are favorites of mine and will always be on the schedule. Bayocean and Heather Lake are definitely it. The Heather Lake in Washington and I claim this steep rocky path to get a dose of luscious green every Summer when I visit my friend’s cabin on Lake Roesiger in WA. The drive to the cabin is awful. Five hours on I-5 with loads of traffic: RVs and big ass tracks included. But it is absolutely worth it. One of the reasons is that that area of WA has a similar feel as Alaska with its hilly terrain, smaller pine trees, and dramatic sky atmosphere. On some trails, there is even snow during the Summer. My soul rests there. Pure Zen.

Speaking of Zen. Running is in full force. This week I plan to do 25 mi total. I have met this elderly woman the other day. I constantly see her running, rain or shine and it seemed to me that she is running crazy distances. Turns out she is running 8 miles every day. Not sure why 8. 10 sounds more rounded number whereas 8 seems arbitrary. Maybe next time I stop her to say hi I’ll ask her why 8. She is 58 years old. She says she is running to experience Zen. How’s that for inspiration.



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